We work with startups and corporates.

Assemble a comprehensive tech team within just 4 weeks and kickstart your project. Stay ahead while others are still in the hiring phase.

The right time to hire in Ukraine

Now is the best time to hire tech teams in Ukraine, as it’s currently an employer’s market, offering unparalleled advantages and opportunities.

Remote trial period

The unique opportunity to engage a software engineer from Ukraine for a remote trial period, bypassing the extensive employment commitments typical in Germany.

Trusted expertise

AllinDigits stands by your side at every step, from team assembly and integration to relocation and transitioning to permanent hire.

Tech talent shortage in Germany at an all-time high.

Tech talent acquisition strategy and implementation

We deploy a comprehensive strategy to attract top tech talent, ensuring seamless integration into our projects.

Tailored staffing offerings for the team of any size

Whether you have a small team or a large department, our staffing solutions are customized to fit your unique needs.

Project-based work

Our expertise shines in project-based scenarios, too. We drive tasks to completion with efficiency and precision.

Efficient Team Building with Tailored Hiring Solutions

AllinDigits excels in tech talent acquisition, integrating top professionals seamlessly into any project. Whether it’s a small team or a large department, we adjust our staffing to your needs. Specializing in project-based tasks, we guarantee efficiency. Start with a remote trial, then, if satisfied, transition to relocation and direct hiring. Your ideal team is within reach!